Belgium vs Russia

Belgium is standing in the first position of FIFA world ranking. For World Cup last year this team got the third place. In sixteen finals it won Japan 3:2, and continued to next round to win Brazil 1:2. Then in the quarter finals it lost against France 1:0. After that it won England 2:0 to get the third place. For EUFA National League , the first leg this team won Iceland 0:3. Then won Switzerland 2:1 . And in the second leg it won Iceland 2:0, and lost against Switzerland 5:2.

Russia is standing in the 50th position of FIFA world ranking. For World Cup, in the sixteen finals this team got a draw with Spain 1:1 for 90’ play but this team won Spain on penalty 3:4. Then it continued to meet Croatia in the eighth finals and got a draw again for 90’ play 2:2 , but it lost against Croatia on penalty 3:4. For EUFA National League, in the first leg Russia won Turkey 1:2, and got a draw with Sweden 0:0. In the second leg, it won Turkey 2:0, and lost against Sweden 2:0.

Head to head

For the last five games of both teams, Russia never won Belgium, but it got 2 draws. Please see the statistics below:



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Recent Standing:

Please predict :

  • Belgium draw Russia 
  • Over or under 2.5
  • Total goals =?
  • Belgium ? : ? Russia   

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