What is scorumia:

Scorumia is a prediction game where I share a list of matches and you ( scorum users / participants ) you will have to predict the score. the winner, of course, will win 100% of my vote, if there are more than 1 person that predicted the right score, the first one will get 100% of my vote and I will choose 2 other ( by the time of comment ) and both of them will get a 50% upvote from me.

The rules of this game are:

1- You can only predict the score of 1 match.

2- Only 30 comments can enter the game

3- If you made a comment after the game has started your comment is not valid

4- The rewards will be distributed after the end of all matches

As you can see everything is clear and simple, I wish you a happy prediction game.

Today's List:

Note: the winners of this issue are going to be announced in the next Scorumia issue.