This is just a tip of the iceberg for Thomas TUCHEL and a review Of Chelsea vs WOLVES Game.

It's can only get better is the hope Chelsea have after a tensed and spirited game against Wolves.

It's Thomas Tuchel first game for Chelsea, don't forget the new manager had a only one late training section with the team before the game but surprising it did not reflect in the game as Such.

The game showed the combination of experience and young strength. It's also showed the team can played in different dimension, different position and pattern.

Youngster like Callum Hodson Odoi and Kai Havertz started and whao they blew off the roof with their performance like they had something to push out that beast in them.

Tuchel is known for been able to tweak tactics and make players swap position, it was a bit surprising when Ziyech, Havertz where switching positions unnoticed.

To me, it's a good game and I can only wish Thomas Tuchel the best and hope he gets the team flying so High as soon as possible.