The next April 10, 2019 will face teams Manchester United Vs Barcelona at Stadium Old Trafford, in the quarterfinals in the champions league and the winner will face the winner between Ajax and Juventus in what would be one of the semifinals of the champions.

The last 8 matches of Barcelona

In the last 8 matches Manchester United have managed to win 4 games and lose 1 game, as follows:

The last 8 matches of Manchester United

In the last 8 games Barcelona have managed to win 4 games, lost 3 and 1 draw, as follows:

The duels between Barcelona and Manchester United

These two great teams have met twice in the Champions League final. The first time was in 2009 in Rome and the second time was in 2011 in Wembley.

On both occasions Barcelona managed to emerge victorious in excellent form, counting on the performance of Lionel Messi. In Rome, Messi managed to score an impressive winning goal 2-0 and in London Barcelona won 3-1, Messi managed to score a goal with his foot on his side which surprised the goalkeeper of Manchester United

In the last 3 games that these two teams have faced, Barcelona has managed to win 2 games and lose 1 game. Which means that Barcelona has shown an indisputable superiority


My prediction for this game is that Barcelona will win 3- 2

And do you agree with my prediction or do you think Manchester United will take revenge on Barcelona? I would like you to participate with your opinion