Ahead of today's clash, Leeds United are points ahead of Arsenal with one match less played. A smaller universe has sent these clubs in between for as long as I can remember and one remembers the elimination in 2004 when we lost 5-0 and where Thierry Henry scored four of the goals.

The present looks different. Critical voices are heard about Arteta and Arsenal's eleventh place being far from approved.

Arsenal seemed to have come to life under Arteta with great victories against Southampton, Newcastle, and WBA, among others.

In the last two weeks, however, they seem to have fallen into old habits and lost to Aston Villa, Wolves, and crossed against Man U. Critical voices have once again been raised among the team's supporters against Arteta. The club's current position in the league and the 20+ points up to Manchester City are not approved and they will do everything to get past Leeds by winning at the Emirates.