Hi all,

As you already in Scorum, means you love sports articles. Its based on block chain and people get paid to write or even for curation.

Sports Talk Social is also a similar platform, powered by steem blockchain and focused only on sports niche.

Still I feel the major drawback of steemit platform has been replicated in Sports Talk Social too. That is the voting abuse. Some whales with many accounts are manipulating the system.

THOUGH I LOVE Sports Talk Social, still thought to explore some other simillar platform on the same niche and landed in Scorum.

Now lets go to earning potential of both the platform.

1. First let's consider the price of each coin :

Value of sports token is : .00009 $

Now SCR coin (Scorum native coin ) price is : .005 $

So if any of your blog earn 1 coin scorum, then that is equivalent to 55 coins in STC (Simple : .005 / .0009 )

2. Now lets go to the visitors data :

STC has more visitors than Scorum.

In fact Sports Talk Social is the most trending tribes in Steemit, followed by https://www.palnet.io.

So in STC your blog will get more visitors and you will probably get more votes, so earning will be bit more.

3. Value of platform

In STC there are many low value contents. With time such articles will loaded the platform, which is already happening with steemit.

But in Scorum, you ll be paid according to uniqueness of your article. Here is an example :

This will help the platform to get only unique content, as they always check the plagiarism and pay accordingly.

Conclusion :

Both the platform is relatively new. The price difference in both the coin is also huge at this point of time.

Its better to try both the platform and build reputation in both these platform.