There are interesting things left from the 2018 World Cup final between France vs Croatia. Porn sites apparently didn't attract many visitors when the game was on.

As quoted by the Daily Mail, Pornhub traffic suddenly dropped during the game between France and Croatia at Luzhniki Stadium, Moscow, Sunday (15/07/2018). Not only from France and Croatia, the traffic from other parts of the world was also dropped.

Data released by Pornhub showed its traffic dropped by 46% in Croatia before the final, then dropped further by 68% in the first hour.

Meanwhile, Pornhub traffic from France dropped by 24% before the final. The traffic dropped further during the game because Les Bleus became a champion with a 4-2 win over Croatia.

After the match, traffic from Croatia started to rise again, even up 7% above average. On the contrary in France, the traffic remained low.

Not only from France and Croatia, Pornhub traffic also dropped worldwide. It claimed its traffic dropped by 12% and only increased by 4% after the match.

Pornhub traffic already dropped before final match. In the semifinals, during the match between Croatia and England, traffic from Croatia dropped by 70% when the game continued to extra round. While, during the match between France and Belgium, traffic from France dropped by 52%.

In other countries, the 2018 World Cup final also left the porn site abandoned. In Venezuela, Pornhub traffic dropped by 55%, Bulgaria by 45%, Slovenia by 40%, Switzerland and Hong Kong by 33% and Vietnam by 32%.

While in the UK the traffic dropped by 12%, Spain by 26%, Italy by 25%, Germany by 21%, Russia by 23%, Brazil by 23%, Argentina by 24%, United States by 5%, New Zealand by 4% equal to the Philippines, Australia by 5%, India and Japan by 1%.

This happened maybe because football and porn have the same market; young male market. They love football as much as they love porn. And porn can wait, but the World Cup final can't.

Source: Detik