Juventus star Cristiano Ronaldo has seen a direct red card against Valencia in the Champions League. The media said she could be banned directly by showing a red card

Lionel Messi has started the hat-trick in the Champions League. And his antichrist Cristiano Ronaldo started the red card! Ronaldo did not think that he was guilty of crime But in the case of Kalvena against Valencia, he was given the 'marching order', it is very wrong! However, Ronaldo can be banned after watching the wrong red card in the European press!

That's the least two matches. However, after the expiry of the UEFA penalty for violent behavior, Ronaldo could get the maximum ban for three matches. If anything happens, Young Boys will play on October 2, Manchester City's first leg on October 23, and Juventus will not get Ronaldo back on November 7 against the same club. But nothing is certain. According to the press, Ronaldo can be banned at least two matches, showing a red card directly. In that case, Young Boys and Manchester United will not be seen in the first leg of the Portuguese legend. Ronaldo will not get a chance to rejoin an obsession with Old Trafford on the former club ground.

But football expert BT Sport, Manchester United and England's former midfielder Paul Scholes believes that Ronaldo will get the chance to return to Old Trafford. According to him, Ronaldo will be banned, but it will be the highest one match. He will not be able to play the match against Young Boyz. Another scholar of BT Sport and one of the most expensive Defender Rio Ferdinand believes Juventus will appeal against this red card. Former England Defender's statement, "I'm sure Cristiano and Juventus will appeal against this decision."

This is the 11th red card in Ronaldo's career, which is again the first in the Champions League. Earlier, Juventus was seen four times for United and six times red card for Real Madrid. In all, Ronaldo has seen seven straight red cards. In the meantime, the last red card will burn him a lot of days. Because, this is a minor penalty on that little sin! Valencia defender Jeison Murillo's role was revealed to the red card. It is in Ronaldo's crime that he had begun to stand up with Murillo on his head. However, it did not understand whether to pull hair. Discuss with the Assistant Referee, show him a red card. Field referee Felix Brayck