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Greetings to all the Scorum friends!

Here we are for seeing the results of the GUESS THE 3 SCORERS Contest Round #20.

Since it is already Thursday, in this post, in addition to discovering the results, we will also restart the new session. So, start thinking about your three scorers for this week.

In the meanwhile, let's go to see right now who has won the weekly 20 SCR prize.


easyboi 3 points

kp33 6 points

dexpartacus 12 points

ralph75 6 points

herbaycity 3 points

grof 3 points

voiceoff 12 points

barbadosso 3 points

massimoc23 6 points

mateunio17 3 points

giornalista 9 points

peman85 3 points

frafiomatale 0 points

danglass 6 points

sportitalia 0 points

espn 9 points

tadas 3 points

spiceboyz 9 points

akarsufaruk 5 points

mehmet01 0 points

trcoach 3 points

And the winners are...

@DEXPARTACUS and @VOICEOFF with 12 points!!

Congratulations, guys! You both won 10 SCR.


Ready for the next challenge?

Ok, here 👇 you can find rules and scores system description.


You have to choose three players that can score, write a comment to the post with the names of the 3 possible scorers in this turn of the Serie A League.


The following scores will be assigned:

+3 for each goal scored
+2 for each goal scored on a penalty kick
-2 for each own goal
-3 for each wrong penalty kick


It's accepted only one answer
There is time until 8.30 p.m. Italian Time UTC/GMT + 1 on March 15, 2019 (before the match Cagliari Calcio - AC Fiorentina begins)
The upvote to the post is not required for participating, but it could be important for increasing the prizes
With a draw, the prize will be divided among all the winners
No limit of participants


The rewards system is the usual one:

Minimum reward is of 5 SCR, whatever will be the payout amount.
Payout 30 - 39,99 $, prize of 10 SCR
Payout 40 - 49,99 $, prize of 15 SCR
Payout 50 $ or more, prize of 20 SCR

The winner (or winners) will receive the prize after the payout of this post.

This is the complete 28th round program of the Serie A Italian League:


Scorum-Italia is the italian Witness Scorum Team

Walk the Scorum road with us!!

You can find our intro post here

For voting, go to

Enter the account name and key, then click on the box corresponding to the chosen witness. You have a total of 30 votes available.