Greetings to all the Scorum friends!

We are here for seeing the results of the last round of the GUESS THE 3 SCORERS Contest.

This will be a post a little shorter than the others, as Serie A stops this week to allow the National Teams involved in the European Championship QF and friendly matches can play.

So we won't have the next round resumed immediately, but next week, to coincide with the beginning of the championship weekend, a new post will be released.

Read carefully and don't write comments to this post with the names of your scorers, because they will not be considered valid for the next round.

What we will do in this post, however, has an absolute importance, because we will decree the winner (or winners) of Round #4.

So, let's go immediately to uncover what the results are.


@betman 3 points

@dexpartacus 9.5 points

@frafiomatale 0 points

@giornalista 3 points

@herbaycity 3 points

@z3ll 3 points

@grof 6.5 points

@sportv 9.5 points

And the winners are...

@DEXPARTACUS AND @SPORTV with 9.5 points!

Congratulations! @Scorum-Italia will send you 20 SCR for each at the payout of the contest post.

See you soon next week for the Round #5!!

Bye Bye!! 👋

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