Everybody loves sports.Also everybody love soccer.Soccer is the most loved game in the world.Soccer have millions of fans in the world.Every soccer fans have their own favourite club or team.Some fans are really crazy for their beloved team.They can do anything for their beloved team.But recently a River Plate fan done very strange thing.I have never seen a fan to done this type of thing for his beloved team.

We should know that in the next sunday a match will be held between River Plate VS Boca Juniors.We also should know that Argentina is divided into two parts when the match happening between River Plate VS Boca Juniors.Because most of the Argentine people's are support those team.The percent of fans is not so small.Because 46 percent of Argentine people support Boca Juniors and the 24 percent people are supporting River Plate.So,the total of 70 percent Argentine people support both team.

Also there are so many clashes happened when the match held between River Plate Vs Boca Juniors.You can understand how much clashes happened on that match Between River Plate Vs Boca Juniors by this examples.

If the match held on the Stadium of Boca Juniors then River Plate fans can't go to the stadium to see the match.As the same way when the match held on the stadium of River Plate then Boca Juniors fans can't go to the stadium.Also recently an Argentine People burn his friends house just for the debate "Which team is better : River Plate Or Boca Juniors "

This time a River Plate fans done a very strange things.The fan name is Renzo.Hi is only six years old.But in this age he is the great supporter of River Plate.This time the match will be held on the stadium of River Plate.The stadium is El Monumental.Renzo want to see the match on the stadium.He must need a ticket to see the match.But he have not enough money to buy a ticket.But Renzo did not fall behind.Also he don't even told his parents to help him.Because Renzo decided that he will manage the money by his own way.That's why he has done very strange thing.Renzo opened a instant shop in front of his house.He started selling his toys on a table.Also he attached a signboard on the table.On that signboard he wrote that "I'm Selling My Toys To Go To The El Monumental"

Suddenly his parents saw that and take a photos of Renzo with his shop.Also his parents posted the photo in the social media.Not at all.The post is seen by the President of River Plate.After seeing this River Plate President sent two tickets to Renzo.One for Renzo and the other for his Mother.Fortunately this is not the end of the story.Because the post is also seen by the great player Enzo Francescoli.He is the former player of River Plate.After seeing the post he sent a hat of River Plate and a jersey of River Plate to Renzo which is signed by Enzo Francescoli.

So,this is the story of the River Plate fan.Though we can see many kinds of things done by fans but this is very strange and rare scene.