Soccer is the most popular sports in the World.Soccer have 3.5 B fans around the world.If you are one of them then you should know about the players Lionel Messi And Christiano Ronaldo.Because Messi And Ronaldo are the most famous players in the world.They have millions of fan around the World.

Among the fans a debate is always trending.The debate is : Who Is The Best? Messi Or Ronaldo!

According to Lionel Messi fans Messi is always better than Ronaldo.At the same time According to Christiano Ronaldo fans Ronaldo is always better than Messi.That's so simple.Because according to a fan his favourite player is always better than others.So,it's not a solution.Let's see some great footballers opinions about this debate :

So, you have watched some great footballers opinions about this debate.But this time another great and famous player give his opinion about this debate.The player is one and only Neymar JR.We know that he is the also most famous player in the World.Let's see Neymar JR's opinion about this debate : We know that Neymar JR has an Official YouTube channel.On that channel he upload many kind of videos.On the Wednesday in a Q & A section he replied some of his fans questions.

On that video a fans asked him "Who is the best ? Messi or Ronaldo !"

Then Neymar JR answered that Lionel Messi is Better than Ronaldo.Not at all.He also described that why Messi is better than Ronaldo

Neymar Said about Ronaldo "Ronaldo come in Soccer as a Winger.Then Soccer Striker and then as a Goalscorer.Ronaldo can't bring the ball from the midfield.At the midfield he is also not so good to assist the players.Everytime he got the ball on the Goal panel and then he scored the goals.He is the consternation on the D-box."
At the same time Neymar said about Messi "Messi can do everything in the field.He can bring the ball form the midfield and score goals.Also he is too good to assist his colleagues.He is also very good to score goals and assist colleagues to score goals.Most Probably he is the best and better than Ronaldo."

So,we can easily understand that according to Neymar JR opinion Messi is better than Ronaldo.Now we are waiting for your opinion about this debate.Let us know your opinion in the comment section below!

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