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In the league one group at a rate of their team. Now José Mourinho's job is that the tension There was some scope for those disappointments in the Champions League. United also lost the opportunity. Lankaku - Pagadava has left the field after dropping a goal against Valencia at Old Trafford.

In the first half, one can create the opportunity for goals in both the groups. In the second half, United and Valencia increased the risk of attack. In the 49th minute, Valencia's Gonzalo Goodse shot went out of the post for a little bit. Valencia Goalkeeper paused a penalty shot in the 53rd minute. In the next minute, Marcus Rasford shot did not get trapped in the net.

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Kipper saved another shot of Rashford in 62 minutes. In the 71st minute, Lakaku, Alexeyes Sanchez's shot was stopped in 72 minutes. Rashford, who got the best chance to advance to the match, returned to his finest shot in the 86th minute. Finally, to share the points, Mourinho had to leave the field. United did not win this drawn draw in four matches at home. Mourinho's coaching career has never happened before!


Meanwhile Benfica won the draw They went ahead 2-0 in the first 15 minutes. Benfica saw this dream of winning big against Athens. But they could not win the match so easily, and the second half got the chance to lose points by digging two goals. Ultimately, Benfica left the field with a 3-2 win over Alpha Semédora.

Benfica could go ahead in 5 minutes. Goalkeeper, who gave a great head to the German conta They took the lead in the next minute. After the delivery of Geddon Fernandez, the ball goes on to the head of Harris Cepherovic, there is no mistake to score from that goal. Alejandro Grimaldo doubled the gap in 15 minutes. Piggy's cross could not stop his head from jumping. There was no goal in the first half.

In the second half of the two athletic left behind, turned around. Victor Cloorsdys reduced the gap in the 53 minutes. After 10 minutes, Benfica disappointed with disappointing Athens. The second goal also came from the leg of the Clonadiris.

The match is 16 minutes away. Semédomo got a little outside the box. His right foot shot made the keeper a fool, trapped in the net. Benfica won the match by 3-2 in the end.


Benfica won the United States as well as Leo and Bayern Munich Lankan was behind 2-0 goals against Shakhtar Donesk. In the 44th and 55th minute, Ribho Morayse Jr was leading the team with a goal scored. Musa Deming in the 70 minutes to reduce the gap. Two minutes later, Leo Dubbas brought equality Shakhtar could get the winning goal in the 90th minute, the Kenyan shot on the back of the post.

Bayern, however, could not win with Ayax. Matt Hummels put Bayern ahead in the 4th minute Ariane Robben crosses the ball on the cross head. In 12 minutes, Ayaks brings equality. Nusar Tadid scored the goal by Nusire Majraway.

In the second half of the match, Mouer-Robbenera could not get the winning goal despite many opportunities.