These days, the two small countries, Serbia and Croatia, were on the lips of the entire human race, and one Serb and twenty Croats was sport heroes of the globe.

Nothing changes in the knowledge that the Croatia is defeated in the World Cup finals from the France, they are for all the Croats the World Cup champions, and as masters of the football game deserved respect from everyone; respectful for the sport art, and not the title and cup. That's why they will become part of the football history of our planet.

Novak Djokovic and football players: Luka Modric, Ivan Rakitic, Ivan Perisic, Mario Mandzukic, Sime Vrsaljko, Dejan Lovren, Danijel Subasic ... made their countries and their homelands both famous and respectable from Vladivostok to Lima, from Oslo to Johannesburg, and all the way to Melbourne, even if someone did it glad or reluctantly.

In football, as in tennis, as in basketball as the most dominant and most glamorous sports in the world, silent water can break even the hardest rock. Sport is a "mirror" of the whole nation, at the same time illusions and hopes. With the loss of illusion nothing is lost, while living without hope is national tragedy.

This is what is said about the great career of Novak Djokovic and silver Croatian footballers, scattered all over the world, but with ties linked to their own Serbia, or for their own Croatia.

Novak Djokovic FOTO: sportsnet

Respect was made up by those who wanted to hide the empty place where love should be - says famous Russian. World famous athletes, just like Novak Djokovic and Croatian footballers, no matter how much someone tried to manipulate them planetary into the daily political gain, proved, however, that for extra talented people the sky is open. So we experienced, and not only experienced, but also understood the great mutual support of Novak Djokovic to Modric and his family, also from Modric's team to Novak family ahead of the big finals in England at Wimbledon and in Moscow at the stadium "Luznjiki". This support, after all seen in the Balkans in the past thirty years, was bigger and more valuable than any victory, it was actually the victory of all mutual defeats!

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Bravo Novak, the Serbian sport hero, the biggest as you are, and just coming back! Bravo for Croatia's players - especially for Luka Modric, proclaimed as the best player in the world at the Mondial in Russia - who, as a team and a whole, proved that the world is a colorful ball as been of millions of years ago.

The whole story from last Sunday, and the great planetary sports events where one Serb tennis player Novak Djokovic and one football team, the Croatian national team, showed and proved to the whole world that friendship is sometimes, and let it be - more to love than being loved, even from "ours "and" theirs".

Bravo to all you champions, we hope, and we want to believe that you have turned at least one page in history for centuries in the hot Balkans.