Gaziantep FK Coach Marius Sumudica evaluated the remaining part of the season and explained his plans for the future.

Here are Sumudica's explanations:

We had 2 wins in a row and our opponents were only able to find 2-3 positions in these matches. So we didn't give too many chances. We played very well tactically and congratulated my players.

There is a cup match and then Malatyaspor match at home. We'll see what happens. My contract ends at the end of the season, I have 5 more months. I love Turkey. If you're a successful manager, the standings already speak for you.

I miss playing in the European Cups but I also want to compete for the championship. It is difficult for me to do this in Gaziantep. I'm hungry for trophies, ready to fight.

treated me differently in Turkey, there is a big difference by Romania. If I leave here, I can go back to Romania, but I'd rather prepare my team against teams with a budget of 60 million, with players winning millions of euros.


We will play with Fenerbahçe in 3 weeks. They have a big team, a player like Valencia, there is Luiz Gustavo who saw Bayern Munich. It will be a tough match.

My son helps me with analysis because he plays PlayStation for 20 hours a day, he knows where each player is playing. We transferred a Mirallas who has played in Everton and played in the Belgian National Team.


Mirallas told me that he could go to Arab countries with a 5 million euro salary but wanted to see what he could do in a smaller team. He told my son to analyze rival defenders as well. When you work with such players, you learn something.

After the match we played with Beşiktaş, the team disbanded. There were those who went to the National Teams, there were 2 coronavirus cases. Before the Denizli match, they said to them, 'You only see my good face. Now I will also prove to you that I am a bad guy. If you lose the match due to your comfort recently, we will take a bus to Gaziantep from here. The plane is ready, but I said, 'I have it canceled and I will pay all the costs. They looked at each other, their faces changed ... Then we gave only 1 chance to the opponent. I always do something to force them.


If there is an offer from the National Team, I cannot refuse, it would be a great honor. If they want me, I will get on the first flight and go immediately, but I support the current coach Radoi.