The news verified history. The moment is the sanctioned advertisement. Manchester City has officially blazoned that Norwegian striker Earling Holland has inked for City from German club Borussia Dortmund.

The city didn't write further than these two lines. Still, it goes without saying that those two lines are enough to bring a deluge of joy to the minds of the City sympathizers scattered all over the world!


The British Telegraph's James Ducker, still, developed the details of the transfer figure. Before it was bruited that the club interested in buying Harland from Dortmund would have to pay 75 million euros. But according to colorful dependable intelligencers including Dakar, the megacity doesn't have to pay that much. Six crore euros have been spent. The 21- the time-old striker is coming to Etihad for 50 million in British currency.

The city is subscribing to an agreement with Harland till 2026. Still, indeed if the transfer figure is lower, the agent figure, Harland's payment five times, and other lagniappes will add up to 213 million by 2026. Meanwhile, Fabrizio Romano, a dependable intelligencer on dereliction, also gave a suggestion of how important Harland's daily payment might be. The loftiest paid player in the club, Kevin de Bruyne, is entering the same payment as Harland, which is around four and a half million pounds a week.

Harland's father, Alf Ing Harland, played at City from 2000 to 2003. This time the child is coming to the father's club mama. No striker, no striker Pep Guardiola's problem, which has been in my mind for a time, has not been answered by the City!