Will Killian Mbappe stay at PSG?

PSG has a chance to win only one title this season. Even in that French league, the team is so advanced that there is no further discussion about it. Rather, the discussion is about whether the dream trio Messi-Neymar-Mbappe will be seen in the team next season. Mbappe has expressed his desire to leave the team before the dream pair enters the field last season. He has not renewed his contract yet and will be released in July.


At that time, Mbappe raised the hopes of PSG supporters yesterday. Said, you can stay in PSG. But the opponents of League A will not be happy with such words. Mbopp's touch was in PSG's five goals against Lorraine yesterday. It is better not to have such a terrible opponent in the league - such words have been heard in the face of the opposing coach.

Mbappe will play only 6 more matches in PSG if he is adamant in his decision not to renew his contract. Kal has once again explained why PSG is interested in keeping Messi and Neymar even if they need to. Yesterday, for the first time in his career, the French forward was involved in five goals in a single match. The 23-year-old has scored two goals himself. Before and after his own goal, Neymar and Messi made three more. PSG won 5-1.

At the end of the match, therefore, in the face of the opposing coach Christoph Pelicier, only Mbappe-praise. Forgetting the other two superstars, the former French midfielder says Mbappe is the best player of the time. I think there are very few people who have seen such a strong player.

Pelicier is proud to be the current best player in France, but he also admits that avoiding the risk of dealing with an opponent that is not bad, ‘he is in Paris and he is a French player, that's great. But when we are in the role of the opponent, he is here, we are not happy about that at all. '

This season, Mbappe has been making it clear that his time in the French league is over. Real Madrid tried to get him at the beginning of the season. A few days later, Mbappe released his autobiography in the form of a comic, in which he said that Real Madrid is his dream club whenever he gets a chance.

He also said in two separate interviews that he wanted to go to Spain. PSG has so far rejected all offers to renew the contract. If the contract is not renewed in the end, the pacifiers will be greatly relieved.

However, what Mbappe said at the end of yesterday's match may raise concerns among PSG opponents. Before the match, Le Kip said the club had offered to make him captain of the team to keep him. The forward said that he has not yet made a final decision about his career, "Is it possible to stay in PSG? Of course! '