For now, Argentina can breathe a shriek of relief. Lionel Scalone's platoon didn't fall into the veritably delicate group. Messi will face Mexico, Poland, and Saudi Arabia in the group stage of the World Cup in Qatar.

Still, since the stage seems easy for the World Cup, on paper, every platoon has the capability to give Argentina a hard time on their own day.


If you get the expected result in three matches in the group stage, you can advance to the next round. But what is the goal of Argentina in the second round? Certainly not. Argentina's goal is to win the World Cup. And to win the World Cup, any team must have the ability to lose. Brazil is one of Argentina's toughest rivals. Argentina's duel with five-time world champions has long been part of the football tradition.

Argentina is in Group C. Opponents are Mexico, Saudi Arabia, and Poland. Brazil has been placed in the 'G' group. Brazil is joined by Serbia, Switzerland, and Cameroon.

The most talked-about topic after the World Cup draw - will Brazil and Argentina face each other at any stage of the World Cup? If so, when? After the draw, it is clear that Messi-Neymar's dream is unlikely to be final.

However, even if the two teams do not face each other in the final, there is a possibility of facing each other in the semis. If Brazil and Argentina advance to the next round as the best team in their respective groups, then if they can beat their opponents in the second round and quarter-finals, then the two teams will face each other in the semis.

Brazil and Argentina both faced each other in a draw. For that reason, it was certain that the two teams would not face each other until the quarter-finals. However, the later the two aristocratic teams of Latin America face each other, the more the attraction of the World Cup will increase. This is just a calculation of paper and pen. Messi and Neymar now have the responsibility to make that calculation a reality!