Height only 4 bases 10 elevations. Where utmost of the players in opposing Uzbekistan is as altitudinous as 8 bases, with this height he seems to have come to the wall of China. It's said that Salina Shrestha, a Nepali player who came to play Bangamata Asian Central Zone Volleyball.

Salina plays as Libero. The rule of volleyball is that one out of every six players has to play all the time as a' protective specialist'. And the one who plays this part is called Libero. In volleyball, Libero tends to be a little lower in comparison. But Salina is a little shorter than Libero of other countries who have come to play in this event. It does not count, he has caught everyone's attention with his extraordinary performance on the volleyball court.

In the last Asian Central Zone Volleyball Championship in Dhaka in 2019, Salina won the Stylish Libero award. In her extraordinary performance, the girl's platoon of Nepal came the champion. This time too, Nepal has formerly won all four matches. He has one bottom on the way to the final. After Sri Lanka, Maldives, Bangladesh, Nepal lost to Uzbekistan in Mirpur Shaheed Suhrawardy inner this autumn. The 23- time-old, who won the Man of the Match award against Sri Lanka in the first match, played a crucial part in the platoon's palm in each match.

The average height of utmost players in Nepal is 5 bases 10 elevations. Saraswati Chowdhury, the altitudinous player of the platoon, is 6 bases altitudinous. There's no deficit of love from teammates, Selina said, "All my teammates support me and encourage me. When Grandpa was playing at the academy, I would stand by and watch. One day I told one apu, I also want to play. Latterly I got a chance to play in the academy platoon. That is the way it is."

Selina, who has a bachelorette's degree in operation from a council in Kathmandu, is happy to be playing in her own position. This is an important position in ultramodern volleyball. Libero is also the unofficial captain of the platoon. I've to talk more and more with everyone on the court to keep the mood of the players and keep the meter of the game. Although it's better to have a little further height for Libero. Numerous people look at me and say, how do you play volleyball with this height? But when they see my chops on the court, they're amazed. I really enjoy the game as Libero.'

Selina plays for New Diamond Sports Club in the popular NVA Club League, a popular volleyball competition in Nepal. Salina, who plays for a contract of Rs per month, said of the awakening of volleyball in Nepal, "I'm happy with what I get from the club. Now our girls are earning well by playing volleyball.'

Selina's father Shant Kumar Shrestha is a hosteler in Kathmandu. As she was the only son of her parents, no bone in the family allowed her to play volleyball in the morning. But he liked the game so much that he used to play hide and seek at school. However, if my arm or leg was broken, what would be to me? But after explaining to my trainer, If I had a major injury.'

Nepal won tableware in the last South Asian Games held in Kathmandu in 2019. But Selina wants to take Nepal to the heights of the Himalayas, "My dream is to make Nepal a champion in the Asian Games."