Bayern's great 4-1 win against Freiburg is not canceled!

64 minutes of the match. Leon Goretski, Serge Nabi, and Kingsley Koman's goals gave Bayern Munich a 3-1 lead. Coach Julian Nasemann decided to replace Austin midfielder Marcel Sabitzer with Koman in the 74th minute. But as Sabitzer was dropped, the coach realized that French midfielder Karena Toledo was suffering from a stomach ailment, which Tollison himself had taken to the field twenty minutes earlier.

Toledo ran to the dressing room with his hands on his stomach and was replaced by German defender Nicolas Sula.


But neither Sula nor Sabita understood that Toledo had left the field but Koman was still on the field. As a result, Bayern is playing with 12 people, not 11! The second twenty seconds went on like this. The matter came to the notice of El Freiburg defender Nico Schlotterbeck. Informed the referee, with the help of VAR the referee saw the incident is really true! Bess, Koman hurried out of the field.

No matter who is out, Bayern has played an extra one at a certain time in the match. That may be tomorrow for the German champions. In any case, if there are 12 people on the field, then the victory of that team is taken away, and three points are reduced. That is probably what is going to happen to Bayern!

Schlotterbeck himself described the bizarre thing in an interview with Sky Sports, "Nicki Sula entered the field, but I saw that no one left the field instead. Then the game started again. I saw that there is more than one player. Then I informed the referee. I don't think the referee would have understood if I hadn't told him. '

When the mistake was caught, the game was off for a while. The referee, however, later played an extra eight minutes between the two teams. Sabitzer, who replaced Koman, scored the fourth goal for Bayern in the sixth minute of added time. All in all, Bayern won 4-1, now let's see if this victory works at all!

But Bayern coach Nagals man explained why the mistake was made, saying, "The fourth assistant referee showed the wrong number when the substitute player was on the field. Koman was supposed to show number 11, where he showed 29. None of us have that squad number. That's why Koman doesn't understand, he has to get up. It always goes wrong. It was a very strange event. The referee then reviewed the situation for a long time. However, it did not affect the outcome of the game. Will Freiburg apply for it now? Now we have to think about it with a cold head. '

Freiburg coach Christian Streich, meanwhile, is confident they will not have to apply. Following the correct rules, they will be rewarded with three points, ‘Hopefully, we do not have to apply separately. We will abide by the rules and that is all I am willing to say. "

However, it is not the case that Bayern will suffer a lot even if they cut three points. Even if points are cut, Bayern will be six points ahead of second-placed Dortmund. Bayern has 6 points from 27 matches, and Dortmund has 56. Dortmund lost 4-1 at home to Leipzig last night!