The Europa League starts with a match against Eintracht Frankfurt. The match in which Camp Nou was enthralled by the sympathizers of the German club. Also in La Liga the bitsy lost to Cadiz. And moment, after losing to Rayo Vallecano, Xavier Barcelona scored a chapeau- trick in Camp Nou. For the alternate time in history, the Spanish superpowers won three matches in a row at home. Still, this is the first time that Barcelona! has won three matches in a row at home in one season.

A many statistics are enough to show the greatness of the palm of Vaikano who was at number 14 in the points list before this match. The platoon also won that match 1 – 0 in October. Vayekano has noway beaten Barcelona! doubly in a single season ahead.

This is only the fourth time in their history that Barcelona! have doubly beaten a platoon that has advanced to the first division. The last similar illustration before moment is to go back to the 1996 – 96 season. Salamanca presented such a opprobrious gift to Barcelona! that season.


At this rate, Barcelona!arch-rivals Real's La Liga palm is now a matter of time. Real have 7 points from 33 matches, Barcelona! have 63. Barcelona!, which is ahead of La Liga in the face-to- face battle, has to match two equations to win La Liga — Real have to lose all the remaining matches, Barcelona! have to win all the matches.

It's certain that Barcelona! themselves aren't seeing that insolvable dream. Xavier's platoon is sure to wonder how so numerous openings were wasted. Throughout the match, the platoon kept Vayekano busy with one attack after another. But football is a game of pretensions. What's the benefit if you don't get that thing!

By scoring the only thing at the first occasion, Vayekano showed that in the end the thing is everything. The callers got the thing again at the morning of the match. Barcelona took some time to sort themselves out. Vayekano took the occasion to go ahead. From the right edge, EC finds Alvaro Garcia through a great bone in Palazon. Barcelona! goalkeeper Marc-Andre Ter Stegen wasn't in a position to catch the Spanish midfielder's 12-yard low shot. The age of the match was only seven twinkles.

After the first half, Vayekano couldn't take any further shots at Barcelona! thing post. The platoon has to be busy saving the thing rather than scoring it. Barcelona took eight shots in the first half. French forward Usman Dembele kept Vayakano's defense busy. Still, Gavi came closest to the thing.

In the 42nd nanosecond, a corner taken by Barcelona! turned the protective bottom of Vayekano into the bottom of Gavi. The 18- time-old midfielder returned with a 16 yard shot down the bar. Torres also transferred the ball reverse to the net. But what would be if the Spanish forward was that clear offside.

The defense was forced to foul outside the penalty box in the coming nanosecond to stop Dembele. But Dembele just ruined the freak by hitting outdoors. Before, Barca applied for a penalty in the 28th nanosecond. Gavi fell as he tried to catch Vayakano's protector Komesana. The whole Camp Nou screamed for a penalty, but the adjudicator and also the VAR didn't hear. BBarcelona! suckers cried for a penalty in the 39th nanosecond. Dembele fell right out of the box. Still, this time the adjudicator didn't see VARO.

The same story in the alternate half. Barcelona! squandered the occasion after the occasion and held the thing by clinging their teeth.