Cavani to Chelsea for £50 million. Sounds like a good idea. But for me, this won't be a long-term solution for their striker problem. Not that Cavani is not good. But he is 30 plus. He might make an instant impact. But if they think long-term, sooner or later he will decline and also their policy for 30+ players might make him unsettled & look for other options. So I prefer Someone like an Icardi or Timo Werner as their striker because they are young and haven't reached their peak yet. So they could well prove to be a long-term solution for them. If they are spending big money, they have to be smart about it and not just spend for the sake of spending. Having said that, I must say Cavani would definitely be an upgrade on Morata & Giroud. Also, I hear Timo Werner might be available on a bargain deal.

Nicolo Barella is really good don’t get me wrong, but they have some youth midfielders and Kante who I like a lot and they don’t really need midfielders. Maybe to get rid of Jorginho wouldn’t be bad, but getting another midfielder in January for that much money is pointless when they have almost 40 damn players on loan! Cavani for 50 million is pretty good but I would rather just drop 70 million plus on a long-term striker like Icardi or Werner.Morata is actually a decent player. if his morale would be up I m sure he can be 20+ goals a season player, the way he gets in goalscoring situations is something I like about him, the fact he misses 70% of the time makes me think he either needs more practice or just some morale boost. Cavani is old and I think they don’t need a short-term option. They need to get someone who is able to play under Sarri and isn’t gonna cost a ridiculous amount of money if they are over 30. Why are they spending 45-50 mil or above on short-term options who are 30 or over?