He's always running and tackling, and going forward to attack and tries to win the ball, and his sliding tackles are always best. He is so underrated, it’s so sad. He turned out so much better than expected. He needs to start against Manchester United to strengthen the midfield physically as they have very tall players who will win most of the headers in the midfield. He worked his way into Barcelona squad.

He deserves to be here. I’ve known since the day he came that he would be a machine on the midfield. But yeah, some fans that don’t know anything about him, only that he played for Bayern, were saying that it is an unnecessary transfer. He has earned his place with his hard work. Barcelona were lacking great substitutes in the past few years. Now they don't.

An amazing midfielder, glad they bought him. Sad that they didn't buy him earlier. Most Barca fans were saying “what was the point in signing him” now they are saying what a signing. Where are all those fans now? Everyone hating on him when he arrived but now I can’t see negativity about him. He is damn good, I thought the board bought him so that they can sell him next season like what they did with Paulinho, but I now personally think they should keep him.

He’s always been a machine for every club he played since his early days. He makes sure his jersey is soaked in sweat because he gives it all. Finally, they have an experienced muscle man who isn’t shy of tackling even the biggest and the strongest guy. Love the work rate this guy puts in every game, he literally doesn't stop running. He's a warrior, deserves more minutes but that's difficult in Barca.

He is a beast and a much-needed machine in the midfield that is a good alternative option that takes pressure off of Busquets. He has adapted well to the Barca style, truly an integral part of the team, he deserves much more recognition. I love this guy he is a hard-working player in the squad no matter what position. He played very very well on the game vs real Betis. He's been one of their valuable players.