Fact is that Xhaka has had an amazing season, the only time he dipped was when he had to play CB and LB. You can clearly see how much better we play with him. Look at how many players have improved under emery. Iwobi, Xhaka, Bellerin, Kolasinac, Lacazette, holding, Mhiki. Xhaka has been one of our best players this season and the constant agenda against him doesn’t allow people to actually see how important he is in our team. When he plays we click as a team.

There’s a reason why Xhaka starts every single game for both Wenger and Emery. If you can’t see what he brings to the team, you’re missing something. People like talking as if they can play Xhaka's role, Xhaka is very important to the way we play. Xhaka is actually the pivotal point of the game if he is not having a good day the whole team does not have a good day so appreciate him stop criticizing him.

We should be backing every single player. Xhaka is a huge part of this team. He plays every game for Wenger and Emery. When he scores, we love him. He’s a fantastic player and we should be glad he’s with us. If he was injured for the rest of the season, People would complain how we're missing Xhaka in the middle with Torreira. Support the whole team.

Look at the games he has started in his position, then the games when he hasn’t played or player out of position, should tell you enough. Xhaka has played majority of the season in the middle of the park so he had his chances as well. The thing I like with him is as a teammate, he backs everyone up and has a positive attitude and represent our club in a unique quality way so kudos to him for that!