Ronaldo dropped out of another tournament | Photo: Reuters

What did United supporters think of seeing such a day last August? For almost a week, the club legend was spending the day in fear of having to see the city rivals at home. Cristiano Ronaldo returns to Manchester United with a sudden 180 degree change in screenplay within 24 hours. The realists may have held the reins, but the Champions League and the English Premier League are in the dreams of ordinary fans. United have not seen a silver trophy for any trophy since 2016.

The reality is something different. With the English Premier League in the top four, the club legend Ule Gunnar Sulshar has lost his job as a coach, and the dream of doing something good in the Champions League seems far-fetched. Last night was a nightmare for United. The Red Devils lost to second tier Middlesbrough in the fourth round of the FA Cup. While the wound was still fresh, Jamie Carragher added salt to it. Despite getting Cristiano Ronaldo, the former Liverpool defender has slammed the current situation of the team at United.

Ronaldo failed to score from the penalty spot in the 19th minute of the match yesterday. In the 25th minute, Jadon Sancho forgot his grief. But Middlesbrough, who has been in the second tier of English football since 2016, returned to the match in 64 minutes. Everyone took the first 6 shots properly after the match was scored on penalty. United's Anthony Elanga took the eighth shot and made a mistake. United lost 7-6 on penalties.

Karaghar was probably waiting for United's rate. The former Liverpool defender and current football pundit tweeted shortly after the match, "Roy Keane told me Manchester United brought Ronaldo to win the FA Cup." With shoulder shaking emoticons.

Another frustrating day for Ronaldo | Photo: Reuters

You have to go back a little to understand the sting. Prisoner and United legend Roy Keane is embroiled in a feud over Sky Sports football. In a match last November, the two disagreed again over the decision not to field Ronaldo in the XI. On 26 November, Ronaldo was placed against an opponent like Chelsea. In this context, there is an argument between Kin and the prison about why United bought Ronaldo.

Qin said, 'What is the main purpose of the game? Round You talk about Salah (Mo Salah, the Premier League's top scorer this season) - because goals are the key to this game. Ian Rush (Liverpool legend), what did he do? Did you score a goal? '

However, Karaghar is not willing to accept, only if he knows how to score a goal, he has the right to enter the field. In his eyes, the team also needs to cooperate in a different way (which he claims Ronaldo is not doing), "Is he trying to snatch the ball from the opponent?" Keane replies, 'Yes, but he hasn't scored as many goals as Ronaldo!'

"Ronaldo is incredible in scoring goals, but as I said before, PSG have taken Messi and United have bought Ronaldo. Has United been able to increase their chances of winning the title? No! Has PSG increased the chances of winning the Champions League by getting Messi? No! '

"Ronaldo can't make United look like they're going to win the title," said United fans. The prisoner was also shocked by the confession, 'So what does it mean to buy him? He is about 36 years old! '

Ronaldo's return is not going as expected | Photo: Reuters

Qin tried to counter-attack, 'Have you ever won the FA Cup?'

Prisoner: 'Yes, I won.'

'Then go back to the FA Cup. They (United) are in the next round of the Champions League, how big is that for the club? Glazers (owners) and share prices (increased) জন্যthat's why he's back. '

"You finished second in the league last year and brought in 36-year-old Ronaldo," he said. That means you don't want to win the league after four years. If you take someone 36 years old, you will want to win now. Varane, who has won four Champions Leagues, has bought him, which means you want to win now. Are they close to winning the league? '

Ronaldo only has a chance to win the Champions League this season | Photo: Reuters

"No, he (Ronaldo) did not come to win the league," Kin said. The prisoner therefore asked, 'But why was he returned? Why did he come? '

In response to this, Kin is getting trapped for himself, 'When you won the FA Cup, didn't you rejoice? United are now the team to win the FA Cup!

United failed to reach the last 16 of the FA Cup yesterday. Who misses such a great opportunity to stab?