For the third consecutive time, Thomas Tuchel of Chelsea have shown Hotspurs boss that he just ain't ready for the challenge as Tottenham got the beaten of their life three consecutive times from Chelsea. From what we've seen, The blues have been the only team in England to have denied Antonio Conte's side 9 good points in all their meetings this season. And that, is easily interpretable as we all can tell who the boss is, for now.

As it stands today, Chelsea sits firmly at the third spot of the English premier league table while their counterpart have seen a lot drop recently and can be found somewhere around the 7th spot (all thanks to Chelsea).

The fire with which the blues are moving has rendered the team sitting atop them unstable judging with difference in the points separating them. The only team singing the song of catch me if you can to Thomas Tuchel's hearings still remains Pep Guardiola, as the tactical man's side are not here to joke with anybody, not even the manager that wants to build the team everyone would not want to play with.