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In the round of last sixteen, the 18-time DFB Cup winner Bayern München had to play at Hertha BSC and of course the Berlin Olympic Stadium was packed with 74,667 spectators.

Since in the cup competition a draw doesn't count for anything, both teams had to play for victory, of course, and that was obvious right from the start.

There was no scanning in this game, and the hosts caught an almost perfect start. Already after 3. minutes the ball wriggled in the goal of the Münchener. Mittelstädt got the ball from veteran Salou, and after a short run the 21-year-old Berlin player scored the lead for the home team. However, the cheering among the Berlin fans did not last long, as only 4 minutes later München had just the right answer available. Gnabry got the ball from Lewandowski, and scored by dropkick for a quick equalizer. And most of the fans in the stands fell silent again.

Until halftime both teams were constantly trying for the next goal and the crows could witness an open game, but especially Hertha-keeper Jarstein was well alert and saved his team in several precarious situations.

After the restart in the 49th minute it was again Gnabry who shot the first lead for the Münchener. The experienced guests then took over the game and left the Berliner hardly any rooms and possibilities to get near the Münchener goal. It would have remained this way until the end of the game if Matts Hummels had not passed a weak ball back to his keeper, because the just substituted Selke could thankfully intercepted the pass and the surprised Bayern goalkeeper Ulreich could only watch how the ball then was leveled into his goal.

Since Bayern subsequently missed some great opportunities to score the deciding goal, this game went into overtime, in which Coman could manage to achieve kick the ball into the Hertha goal again and finally score the winning goal for the guests. Hertha had nothing to oppose Bayern anymore and the (still) reigning champion then deservedly made it into the next round and is now in the quarter-finals.

Bayern is still dancing at three parties this season, which of course, if they are not careful, could all change very quickly.

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Schalke knows no mercy with Düsseldorf

In the Bundesliga Schalke 04 is not doing very well this season, and the last home game was once again lost 0-2 against Borussia Mönchengladbach. So yesterday evening's appearance in the DFB Cup was all the more important, when they welcomed the Fortuna Düsseldorf team at the Veltins Arena. And for the third time in a row Schalke has kciked its way into the quarter finals of the German cup competition.

And that with a very strong performance. In the first minutes of the match there both Bundesliga team seems to first check out their opponents, but then Schalke took control. In the 30th minute, Kutucu, who had seen the yellow card just before, was able to put the ball on his left foot before he flicked it beautifully into the Düsseldorf goal.

And in the second half the Schalker players finally wanted to show that they had not forgotten how to score goals. First it was national player Sané, who in the 48th minute could raise the lead. Afterwards the Schalker only hit the post several times, but it was clear that the home side was on fire.

At first, it was Uth who only had to push a rebound over the line in the 53rd minute. And even when Henning in the 71 minute could score a goal for the guests fromDüsseldorf, Schalke's victory had not been in danger at any time. And just before the end it was again Sané who scored another goal marking the final score of 4:1.

A very strong game from Schalke, with which they could kick away the Bundesliga frustration, at least for the moment. Nevertheless, the Gelsenkircheners are still facing a tough program through the next weeks and months, and they need to play more consistently to avoid being left empty-handed at the end of the season.

But after this game fans and players at Schalke 04 started being hopeful again.