As I mentioned yesterday I got my own voting slider now and therefor decided to host my first prediction contest here on Scorum. I am keeping it simple, there is only game and you only have to chose one correct result and the first scoring team.

The game I have chosen is the top game of the 2. Bundesliga this weekend, between HSV and 1. FC Köln.

Since most of you might not so familiar with the situation in the 2. Bundesliga I will provide some game preview first.

The situation:

First against second, the top game of the 2nd Bundesliga is the first meeting of the two down-relegated former Bundesliga teams this season and on the paper promises a rather exciting game, between the two former German champions.

Both teams are at the top of the table, where the 1. FC Köln has been residing for quite a while. But if you look at the last three games of the "Geißböcke", you will quickly notice that the atmosphere is changing over there on the river Rhine.

Only the better goal ratio still keeps the Kölner at the absolute top, fortunately the point losses especially in their own stadium have not yet completely avenged themselves completely. Since three games they couldn't win any more and also the goal machine of the Rhinelanders seems to have some problems right now. In the last two games against Kiel and Heidenheim, Köln only reached a disappointing 1:1 draw, and even top scorer Terodde didn't find the goal in the last home game. The striker has, however, with 13 goals in 11 games decisive share in the current table position of his club and his instinct is needed for the game in Hamburg again.

The HSV began its very first season in the 2nd Bundesliga with somewhat mixed performances. Started with high expectations of an immediate promotion back to the Bundesliga, they then lost 0:3 at home in the first game against Holstein Kiel and were very quickly knocked out of the skies

And of course, also the 0:5 in their own stadium against Jahn Regensburg is far from forgotten. The surprising change of coach last week, when Hannes Wolf replaced the previous coach Christian Titz, proves this as well. Despite several setbacks, Wolf was able to build on Titz's sustained work and was able to cheer a 1-0 victory in Magdeburg at his first appearance on the Hamburg coach's bench. Whether the coach change really pays off, the future will prove, this weekend the team can and must show that they really have the means and the will to return to the German football upper house at the end of the season.

Three runners-up are only two points away. Union, Greuther Fürth and St. Pauli are waiting for their chance to outstrip the two self-proclaimed class leaders. If the top game ends in a draw and Union Berlin wins at the same time, we might have an unexpected new table leader.

picture by Michael Krämer, unmodified, source

At least this season the HSV can still rely on its fans , with an average of 50,000 spectators attending the matches in the 2nd Bundesliga despite a moderate performance. A super cut and on Monday evening we will probably see a full house again with 57,000 passionate supporters of both teams. And hopefully also a thrilling game with some goals and - there I am now quite biased - in the end then a celebrating host from Hamburg. I'm also curious to see how the new coach Wolf will be greeted by the fans of HSV, for whom last week the replacement of former coach Titz came as a big surprise. With the 1-0 away win in Magdeburg backing him up, he at least has a good starting position to receive a warm welcome.

Yes, I hope very much that the game keeps what it promises. On the last match day my expectations were not necessarily met when Union Berlin played against Dynamo Dresden, although at least the series of the Berliners holds, and they are still unbeaten.

The match day promises to be exciting.

The contest:

You only need to predict the final score between HSV and 1.FC Köln and which team will score first. Of course the second part is not needed for a goalless draw!

Then leave your predictions before game starts in the comment section.

The person who guesses the exact score and if the teams score the name of the team with the first goal will receive 5 SCR.

If there is more than one winner, the prize will be equally shared.

Use the format: HSV x - x 1.FC Köln - first goal (team name)

I think this is pretty straightforward, but just to make it clear: My contest = My rules.

Good luck and see you in the comments!