Bundesliga season 2019-2020 and the 1.FC Union Berlin is going to be there too!

How awesome is that?

Yes, my team the 1. FC Union from Köpenick out there in the suburbs from Berlin have knocked down the fivefold German champion VfB Stuttgart in the relegation games and secured the promotion to the first Bundesliga for the very first time ever. As the 56th team in the history of the Bundesliga!

And now the south-east of Berlin is celebrating as if there was no tomorrow. Even if yesterday's game (0:0) was not really of the highest quality, but who really cares about that in Berlin today?!

Promotion means Promotion! And after this season they really deserve that. The weekend before after that last season match in Bochum the disappointment was big, but the team and the fans got together once more and reached the impossible.

Union managed to not lose in the two relegation games (2:2 and 0:0) against the sixteenth of the Bundesliga, the VfB Stuttgart and thanks to the away goals rule they won the relegation and secured the biggest victory in their history.

And next season they can play at the very top against the big teams.

Can they keep up with them? Who cares about that today?

At Union we're living for today, and there's a lot of partying going on now.

You don't believe me?

Here is the proof! Just have a look and convince yourself!

A sea of joy in red and white!

Thousand of fans on the pitch, tears, endless screaming and beer showers. That is what real winners are like. Genuine feelings from people who don't usually have to celebrate that much!

And even when I was thousands of kilometres away, I could still hear the screams of joy from the stadium Alte Försterei. And they still resonate till now!

It will be a hell of a journey from summer on. Dortmund, Bayern, Frankfurt etc.... here we come! Here comes Union Berlin!

And the Alte Försterei will continuously be on fire in the next season! Of course only in the positive sense, the Unioner fans will continue to fire up their illustrious guests properly.

So be happy football Germany, here comes one of the most wonderful clubs with the best fans in the world. And that will so awesome, so cool, at least as cool as this game here:

And therefore once again for you to write it down!

If you ever hear someone shout "Und niemals vergessen" (and never forget), under no circumstances should you hesitate, but rather instantaneously and immediately tune in and join with all like-minded people with all your power:


Have I already said, how awesome it all is?