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Manchester United has had a backbreaking start to the season as they level on point with both Watford and AFC Bournemouth but sit in 8th position due to their hapless goal difference. Albeit, the current league position isn’t the major mayhem at Old Trafford.The Red devil’s blind spot grew larger than pianism on the pitch. Track back to when the Glazers purchased Manchester United for £790m in 2005, 13years later, it was recorded that they drained more than £1 billion from the club’s cash. It was tantamount to the same period their arch rivals’ owner Sheikh Mansour injected £1 billion into Manchester City club. Unarguably, it was that result that made United slip below City in recent years.

Between 2009 and 2018, Glazers family have used up £131 million more on expenditure in making up their debt than infusing into the club. This landmark is not only an agitating statistics for the fans but likewise a huge part in their retrogress since they took over. If only the Glazers had invested the £1.5 billion into the club, United would have been able to stand against any team and be part of the major outfit in the Premier league. More so, it would have played a pivotal role in improving the infrastructures around the stadium, building academy stadium, partnering with interested clubs like was formally held with Royal Antwerp of Belgium and even provision of an illustrious director of football.

Right back from 2006, the Manchester United Supporters’ Trust (M.U.S.T) alarmed the impact Glazers’ £500 million debt would have done to their benefits. Whilst the havocs are just apparently about to come to reality to the majority, the problem have remained unsettled during Glazers’ era.

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The ‘Love United Hate Glazer’ clamor which rejuvenated since 2005 shows how some fans knew all along what would be expected of the family afterwards. Its quite less tasking to review how much the club has spent since the inception of the Glazars which is not a close call to wether they can compete with the Premier League contenders alongside European giants. The owners carefree outlook for the progress of the club is aggravating to its worst stage. While other clubs are creating positive records, United are making history in the opposite end as it was held by Sir Alex Ferguson. In recent times, United have declined in confidence, losing at home to Derby county, Tottenham et al.

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Club manager, Jose Mourinho earlier warned the owners to sign more players in other to meet up with their arch rivals. The Glazers yet again were meticulous in spending, making clubs like Wolverhampton Wanderers, Everton, West Ham United, Leicester City and Fulham to outspend their efforts in the domestic league. As the fans may have it, it’s time to take action before the club falls completely to jeopardy. However, forcing the Glazers out may not totally fix the problem but it would rather be a leeway to resolving the long time issue as they compete with the dominant forces in the world football once again.