IT'S True 💔 Gigi Buffon declared his retirement from football at 45 years old. He turned down a proposal of 15 million euros/year from Arabia.

He made his presentation in 1995, when Play Station 1 had quite recently been sent off, the series Companions had just been running for one season and Forrest Gump won the Oscar for best film.

As far as football, Maradona was all the while playing, Messi and Cristiano were in the lower divisions in their nations and Mbappé and Haaland had not yet been conceived.

There were 28 seasons, 25 in the main division and 3 in the subsequent division, and a sum of 27 titles, incorporating the World Cup with Italy. Quite possibly of the best goalkeeper in football history won't ever be neglected.

🇮🇹 Gigi Buffon 🤙🏽