Hi there, Scorum Community!

Since it's inception, Sports has always been there to bring the people and community closer and together. Bringing life into things, making the peace. And with the same motive and idea, I believe Scorum, too, is here to bring the sports-loving bunch of people together and bring the best out of them.

It doesn't matter whether it is Cricket, Football, Boxing or any other sports. We love every sports. We respect every sports.

With only one goal of making the Scorum the best sports blogging platform, we, at @sports will be posting anything that touches the feeling of sports and adventure.

      "Sports do not build character. They reveal it."

This is @sports, and singning off this introduceyourself  post. Meet you guys in the next interesting sporty post!

Thank You, Have a sporty day!

P.S. I see most of scorum members are missing the cover art on their profile. So, as a help from a sports-lover to another sports-lover, and community member, I humbly offer all of you a free custom designed cover art. If you are interested and excited, just show the love to this post, and comment below. :)