you're a job your focus is just to become a little bit better than you were yesterday and if you have that mentality you approach that every time you do these training sessions then you're going to be a better player that's guaranteed okay so we're gonna start with this warmup five minutes I'm gonna start my watch right now we're gonna get warmed up 

from head to toe okay so I'm gonna start with just a couple rotations I'm gonna start with my neck up here a couple neck circles the other way everything is nice and quick the objective here is to get warmed up get the muscles actually warmth hey I'm not doing long stretches I'm not trying to increase my flexibility right now we'll save that for after the session so a couple of shoulder rolls get a couple arm circles nice and big the other way 

do nothing crazy I'm gonna clap in the back hug myself from the front good I'm moving on to my hips it's five rotations one way five rotations the other way yeah we're gonna do the knees the other way and apart getting everything warmed up you're taking care of your body do some ankle rotation is very important see one way really push this rotation pace not just like this nice big circles really feel it go up and down flex toe to the sky then flex your toes down like you're taking a shot up down a couple like that it's good at other foot 

one way the other way good up and down nice and quick but we want to touch every body part we don't need to spend minutes on each body part but we need to touch them all I want you to loose from head to toe good yeah rotations are done we're just going to do all those dynamic stretches you used to so let's just start couple but kicks good high knees if the arms going to you know I'm gonna do my groin just on the spot like this a little shuffle in between but get that groin nice up pick that knee up open it up good I'm gonna close 

your drawing good a couple leg kicks a little shuffle in-between nice straight leg a little bit higher each time yeah quick feet again I'm gonna do a forward bend both hands down slight Bend touch the ground okay my chest should be coming down to the ground this leg in the air up in the sky fight for your balance and again just doing a couple good I'm just gonna do a couple deeper stretches so I'm pulling my quad my heels in my butt little forward bend feeling new your quad also your hamstring when you bend forward good 

again just like five six nothing crazy here I'm doing my hips sit down pull this up push this down feel it in your hip good straight like not letting this front knee bend when I go down straight leg just swiping the ground like that yeah so getting the blood flowing good we've got about a minute left here get nice and loose good I just wanna do my groin before I move on to my last stretch yeah so again everything is dynamic just stretching for a 

second half a second moving on okay come down here point this toe up bend this knee down and slide across and across can do six of these good and if you need to glance at your phone while you're doing this warm-up that's great I got 30 seconds left I'm just gonna do my favorite leg swings okay straight in the front curled in the back so if you 

need to look at your phone just to see what I'm doing remind yourself hold on doing that's good you can do your own stretches these are the ones I prefer but I just want you to take these five minutes get warmed up and there you go that's five minutes your body's warm your muscles are warm you're ready to go you've touched everything head to toe it's time to Train