There has been a lot of speculation about the truth on why Cristiano Ronaldo left Real Madrid, also we had the drama of him not winning the FIFA THE BEST award, and then the scandal coming from USA about the supposed sexual assault against a USA citizen, but recently he had the opportunity to give his point of view on all these matters and in this article we will go thru this interview to analyze his opinions and contrast them with the facts. Let's go!!!

Ballon d'Or

He started talking about the Ballon D’Or, obviously this was one of the first questions because he wasn't awarded the FIFA award “The Best”, even after being a decisive player for Real Madrid to win its third consecutive title, but he answered in a very calmed way that he believes in his heart that he is already one of the best players of the history of football and he would be lying if he doesn't say that he thinks he should win the award this year as it would be historic to win 6 of them.

And we just have to see how he is already breaking records this season at Juventus, he has had the best start for a striker in Juventus history scoring 7 goals on the first 10 matches. Even at his age, he is still one of the best if not the best striker on the world as it is not an easy task to score so many goals on one of the hardest, tactically speaking, leagues on Europe.

Move to Juventus

Also he stated that the reason he chose Juventus for his new adventure it's because the Bianconeri really wanted him at the team and he wasn't after the money because he was winning the same or more at Real Madrid and his relationship with Florentino Perez wasn't the same after a couple of years of arguments on his contributions to the team, and its ok for Ronaldo to think that way because a player that scores almost 1 goal per game for his team should be valued more than what he was at Bernabeu.

The Scandal

The last subject the interview touched was about the sexual harassment accusations against him, he declared himself totally innocent on this matter, he is just worried about it in regards of his family, because as we had seen in the last years he has become closer and closer to his first born and the new babies he has had with his new girlfriend, but what concerns him the most it's how his mother and sisters feel about this, as its always harder to relatives to understand how the media attack their family members in opposition to Ronaldo that is already used to receive this kind of attacks from the newspapers and so on.

Everything On Path

Only time will tell what will happen with this accusation, the Ballon d'Or Award and if his decision to move to Italy was the correct one to do, but in the meantime Juventus fully supports him and the work and efforts he puts on the pitch fully demonstrates his commitment with his new team and teammates, therefore everything seems to be in a good path for one of the best players on the history of football: Cr7.