There has always been a Diss about Lionel Messi about him and his penalty misses in the major games like World Cup 2014 and 2018. missed his penalty on2014 finales against Germany and on 2018 against Iceland. He had suffered through the penalty hits. Then here comes Cristiano Ronaldo with his penalty miss records. Is he even worse than Lionel Messi ?

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Now, The former player of Juventus, Cristiano Ronaldo is most over always appraised for his gaming skills all over his career. But his gaming legacy are yet judged as he is in world's eye. People all around the world craves to watch over his games and yet he missed his penalty just on Monday over Chievo.

Yesterday's game shook peoples to have their comparisons among the two players and their penalty skills. Both of them have missed 25 penalties but but, Messi out of 108 attempts and Ronaldo out of 139 attempts. That respectively gives Ronaldo a success rate of 82.01 percent and Messi's success rate of 76.85 percent.

The question raised is, Is Juventus star worse than Lionel Messi?