Not writing about this game will really be a flop and scam to me as a glorious Manchester united fan. School work has really been a workload since resumption. From catching classes to project works to training and some executive jobs. Hasn't been easy on me since i logged into 2019.

I can't really express the Joy within me since the final whistle went after a solid 90+9 minutes played. The tension was too much that i had to watch the game on T.V with my hand to my chest. I could feel the earth really rotating for 1 hour 30 minutes. Manchester United shook the world of soccer. If Ajax can show such enormous strength against the defending captions who are we(Manchester United) not to send Paris Saint German packing from the league of brave men.

The interim manager has really proved himself to the management that h is the man for the job. He did the magic in 1999 against Bayern München as a player under Sir Alex Ferguson and has done it again in 2019 against PSG as the manager. That's 20 years challenge.

Even with the injury crisis within the team, the French giant got it hot from the red devils. PSG played the possession while the visitors were busy sourcing for an opportunity to qualify. With 10 men injured in the squad, they executed the job just when all hope was lost. Thanks to Dalot for the shot that led to the penalty.

The Persians would really be in a bad state and disbelief as what occurred with Barcelona in 2017 has repeated itself. From 4-0 home win to a 6-1 away loss to Barcelona at Nou Camp. This time around, its an away 0-2 win and a home 1-3 loss against Ole Gunnar and his battalions.

History was made. The EPL club became the first in history to qualify for the next stage of the champions league knock out stage after loosing in the first leg at home by 2 or more goals. That's the Ole Gunnar effect.

After the first leg, the Persians were busy drinking while the Red Devils were planning to drown them in flames.

Match Statistics and Analysis.

Lukaku's early opener after Kehrer mistake gave Manchester united hope just before Juan Bernat levelled the scoreline with a tap in goal 10 minutes later. Just then, the Belgian scored a brace in the 30th minutes after Buffon fumbled with Marcus Rashford's shot. His tap in rebound gave them the halftime lead. PSG really took home the possession while their opponent were counter minded. Waiting for a counter attack to utilise. Pressure kept coming in just before Kimpembe Presnel hand ball from Diogo Dalot shot. A contentious late VAR decision awarded a handball while Rashford sealed the victory and qualified United for the next round.

Neymar blasted the Refereeing decision. "That is a disgrace!" he wrote on his Instagram Stories alongside a screenshot of the alleged handball. "And UEFA still pick four guys who know nothing about football to review the VAR decision in slow motion... that handball simply doesn't exist! How do you handball behind your back? Ahh.. go f*ck yourselves."

who else thinks Neymar should join the Backstreet boys😂😂😂?

Our baby faced coach also expressed his profound gratitude to the players, giving them the confidence that they can go all the way. We always believed," Solskjaer said. "The plan wasn't about having the ball and out playing them, if you give this team too much space and time they can hurt you. You saw a couple of times in the first half when we missed out defensive shape.




*1998-1999:* Man Utd won UCL
*2008-2009:* Man Utd won UCl
*2018-2019:* Who is thinking what I am Thinking? 😀😀🤔..who else brother and sisters of the united fellowship...😹👌

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