The Swiss footballer has been enduring a hard time since the crystal palace draw at the Fly Emirate stadium. Controversial and emotional write ups have been flying the air. Moreover, i must confess that the Arsenal fans are not making things easy for the players, coaching staffs and the entire team as a whole. Arsenal is becoming more of a Religion than a club as they continue to pile up issues without absolute resolutions.

In the 2-2 draw against Palace, the Arsenal captain faced series of booing when he was substituted. Some fans cheered his substitution but those cheers swiftly turned to boos as Xhaka decided to stroll off instead of racing off and he responded by cupping his ear towards the fans before taking his shirt and storming straight down the tunnel. For this action, he did not feature in the Carabao loss against Liverpool in the mid week.

Some times, the words from the fans can cause emotional trauma to these players. They are all humans like us so we should learn to treat and talk to them nicely. Caring the burden of over millions of fans is not an easy task, therefore they should give the 27 years old more space to think of the way forward to minimize these burdens. Instead, they jeer toward him in mockery if he makes a tiny mistake. How then do they expect him to cope with so much pressures. I bet all these Arsenal fans are just been sadistic. Deriving pleasure from other peoples pain. On the other hand, Unai Emery isn't helping with the matter at all as he is to say something about the player. All he could say was that the captain will not feature against Wolves on Saturday despite been in a very fine form.

The Swiss star has equally sent an emotional message out to the fans after the ugly incident where he told the fans to f**k off. His anger reached its boiling point even after enduring words like "We will break your legs", "Kill your wife" and "Wish that your daughter gets cancer". This words can make one feel rejected and these might have uncaged the wrath he spilled on the fan. His wife out of tension locked her photo sharing platform Instagram account. This is a very vital security measure to curtail threats of death from some sick Arsenal fans.

With his apology, amicable measures should be take to resolve this issue.

With the Captain missing the Saturday clash against wolves, the team is set to pick a new captain ahead of the game and Aubameyang, Lacazette, Ozil and Bellerin among the options. Aubameyang seems to be the favourite as he was named the vice captain during the blind vote from the squad. The fans seems to believe he is the best man for the job too.

Manchester city boss, Pep Guardiola when asked about the abuse that players receive on social media gave Xhaka his support to show the fans how incredible he is. The midfielder was one of five Arsenal players to have been given the duties following the acrimonious exit of Laurent Koscielny in summer. He admitted that he is not perhaps the best person to talk about keeping tempers under control on the football pitch since he was sent off in the Champions League defeat to Liverpool two seasons ago and was given a yellow card at home to Dinamo Zagreb this season. Nevertheless, he sympathised with the Arsenal captain.

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