It was suspense filled, intriguing, fascinating, mind blowing and filled with ecstasy as the London Blues welcomed the Premier league champions to Stamford bridge for a battle of the fittest. Sarri and Guardiola had to bring forth the best of their sportsmanlike strategy to win the game. Chelsea's head coach was in the battle to to break Manchester city's unbeaten run while Guardiola had to defend his reputation. This was the same streak they were going for in their campaign last season till Liverpool came to the rescue. Their 4-3 home win broke City's unbeaten run.

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The game was tensed up in its early minutes. Sarri's men were forced to sit deep for much in the first half Until N'golo Kante place his team in front in the 45th minute of the game. Hazard was instrumental with a fine assist down the left wing, just to find Kante running into the 18yards box. He hits the ball swiftly to the top roof while Ederson felt helpless at the goal post.


Maurizio's team were well drilled in the second half of the game. Manchester city with the attacking strategy while Chelsea maintained a balanced defensive line. Boooom!!! Here goes the first corner kick for Chelsea in the 78th minute. Eden Hazard with a fine cross as David Luiz heads home another goal, extending the lead to 2-0. The fascinating observation about Luiz's goal; It was the first corner kick for Chelsea while Manchester City already had 11 at that point, haha. Hard luck for city I guess. After a long run of 15 matches unbeaten this season, the London blues broke the streak on their 16th. Painful though, lol. Not even half of the season. However, Liverpool, who has been a contender since the campaign began now sits first in the league still unbeaten.


Rains Of Abuse.

Raheem Sterling who started upfront in the absence of Sergio Aguero received heart breaking words from Chelsea fans during the match on Saturday. Among the abusers was Colin Wing, who claimed to have called Sterling a 'Manc c***' not a 'black c***'. He was vividly caught on camera with the words out of his mouth. Chelsea FC and its management has suspended four fans who were involved in the despicable action. Moreover, Colin Wing moans loosing his job too. There were apologies from the fans to the team and Raheem. I thought football is here to eradicate racism? why such words from a fan to a player? The world should learn to enjoy the game brotherly and deviate from advocating for racism.

My Take

Chelsea defended 2 good that Manchester city had 0 idea on how to score, lol.😂😂😂

Word Of Encouragement for both City, Sterling & Colin Wing

The downfall of a man at the beginning of his journey, doesn't justify how he'll end - Manchester city(Anonymous)
Though the world might not find you favourite, you'll still are the best of your kind and the world of football loves you for that - Raheem Sterling. (Anonymous)
Once bitten, Twice shy. We all learn from our mistakes - Colin Wing. (Proverbial dictionary)

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