Revenge is one thing that makes football exciting and fun. After been massacred by an enormous number of goals at their territory, they had to buckle up and show some strength when they paid their own visit.

Welcome to my this weeks happy moan day contest organised by Pete.

The second leg of the EPL season 2019/20 is already inbound and teams are looking eager to keep a steady pace as they fight for a safe spot in the table. Leicester city vs Southampton met in October 2019 which ended in tears for the saints. The Foxes trashed Southampton 9-0 away during the first leg of the 2019/20 season. Their second meeting was highly anticipated this time around as Leicester will play at home(Kings power stadium).

Dennis Praet gave the foxes an early lead and a revelation of what happened in October was at heart until Struat Armstrong leveled the game with his deflected shot at the back of the goal. Pressure kept boiling as both teams struggles to have the lead. The visitors were strong in attack than expected.

Jarmie Vardy puts the foxes ahead as he latches onto the ball in-behind the saints defenders. Unfortunately, VAR came to the visitors aid and ruled out the goal for an offside. How sad for the Englishman. Things were not also going too well for Danny Ings(Southampton) as two of his on goal plays cannons against the bar in the 42nd and 43rd minutes respectively. Both balls beats Schmeichel clean but just couldn't find the goal.

The first half ended in a pretty tensed for both teams as preposterous attempts and saves were made. They lit the second half on fire with Southampton's penalty reviewed and ruled out for an offside. Soyuncu brought down Long who was in plenty of space and had just the keeper to beat. Soyuncu took the risk and dived in and brought him down. The referee gave a penalty until VAR's review overturned it out after Long was marginally caught offside.

Leicester city went up the other end to have a chance of their own. The substitute Iheanacho slotted in the ball into the net from close range from Chiwell's cross but the flag went up for an offside. A quick VAR check was made to confirm the decision was correct.

This time around, Danny Ings made no mistake to double the lead from a quick counter. He quietly slots it past the goal keeper who puts his hand on it but couldn't stop it from flying into the net. WOW!!! The crowd went wild as the comeback was complete. Ings has finally taken the opportunity to put his team ahead. 81 minutes on the clock so it isn't over until it is over.

Evans scores a header from Maddison's free kick but just couldn't celebrate for its was a tight call to whether he was offside or not. The flag didn't go up from the linesman but VAR decided to take a look. Oopsssss!!! No Goal from the video assistant referee.....What did the foxes do to deserve this treatment? Scoring three disallowed goals in a game that should have been a sure winning for them and at the end loosing the fight.

Though the goals weren't much for the Saint's but securing the whole 3 points was something worthwhile.

Word Of Encouragement

The word "One good turn deserves another" simply justifies that a bad one deserves Happy moments never seems to last till infinity so y'all try to make do of the momentarily feelings. Live goes on!!!

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