Why do I feel so alive and refreshed? Thinking!!! still trying to think!!! Ohh!!! it's somebody's birthday, yea....... Its my birthday💖. It’s that special day again when I always paint a smile on my face and dare any troubles of life to come because I feel superb and abundantly blessed. When I woke up, I realized it must be a special day for some reason. Oh yes, it is the day that I was born! I am so grateful for the gift of life! Happy birthday to me!!!

The feeling of adding a new year makes me don't want to grow old, yet it looks unstoppable. I can really feel my organs crying out for tender help to avoid shrinking. Only if there could be an aging solution for i don't want to grow old.

The cake is here and I’m ready to blow out the candles and also to make some sweet wishes for myself. Most people spend their entire life trying to be a great person but I am few of the lucky ones who had always been great from birth. On this day, the sweetest😘 being on earth was born.

My birthday game. The favourite team won😊😊. My team won.
My signature move😍😜

However, today's was fun. From sleeping all through the day hoping its gonna be a boring one just before a friend called me for a hangout. I never knew it was a surprise package. Wholly, i thought we were all alone in the amusement park, just then i noticed an awkward behaviour from him. He was tensed and kind of expecting something. Just then i saw little sis trying to peep out from her hiding place. Ha ha ha ha ha, surprise gone wrong but i had to pretend i didn't see her. Moreover, they all came out of hiding one by one. I enjoyed the outing though. Just in the evening i had to go play soccer. A match to celebrate my birthday. Though I'm on injury, i had to play. I'm just so happy the team i played for won 2-1. It was a kinda serious match between my rival friends so i had to leave the pitch for them to battle out their grievances. Its still up and rolling though because right now, its party time😛😛😛.

All thanks to Heavens for a successful morning and noon. I know the night will be filled with bountiful celebrations.

Thanks For Celebrating With Me...

One love...
Peace out...