Good day noble ladies and gents of this honourable platform. As we all know, the platform has been going through tough days but its perseverance to survival has kept most of us going especially me. Thanks to some encouraging words from the likes of @pete, @jon.bonomo, @izge, @chessarbiter,@sportfrei @promo.scr and so many others which has likely been the anchor of keeping our hopes alive.

However, I'm glad to announce to y'all that I just made my 1k SCR from winning contests mostly so I've decided to start a good will of mine.

However, in admiration and emulation of their good work, I decided to set up my own little way of keeping the community together through a little contest idea of mine. Its not something much but following the good step of @pete, @izge, @chessabiter, @sportfrei and other contest creators, I hope it becomes something worthwhile. Whereas in achieving this, our support, participation and elaborating idea is needed.

I would have loved to go for a result dependent contest with judges selecting the winner but my kind of person finds almost everything interesting so I wouldn't want to create a biased output. With this effect, I decided it'll be a prediction kinda contest.


***Its going to be an all weekend contest
***There'll be two posts on Mondays and Fridays. One brings on the contest(Fridays) while the other announces the winners with a review of games played(Mondays).
***There'll be five teams on every Friday posts where contestants are meant to predict the correct scores and name the first goal scorer for each match.
***Each prediction accumulate points. For every correct score prediction, you earn five points and for every correct goal scorer prediction, you earn two and half points.
***The contestant with the highest point wins and there'll be only one winner for now as the prize is 10SCR.
***In a situation where there are two winners, the prize is shared.
***Contest closes once the first match on the list begins.
***Editing of prediction is disallowed and leads to disqualification.
***Late entry will not be counted.


1. Every prediction entry gets a 50%-100% upvote from me.

2. 10SCR for first place and a full upvote on newest post.

3. A full upvote on newest post for second and third place.

NOTE: Contest cuts across all sports but we'll be seeing more of soccer.

The contest is eligible to amendment and reconstruction prior to this notice.

If there is a way you think we can make the contest more fun filled, do well to mention in the comment box.

This contest is to enable new users find a stable position on the platform, keeping the community together as well as having something to do myself😁😁😁.

Remember, everybody is a winner!!!

Long live Scorum!!!

Please, let's try as much to tell our friends about this contest.

Thanks For Reading...