Chelsea, England, qualified for the round of 16 of the Champions League competition, after defeating its French host Rennes (2-1) at Roisson Park, Tuesday evening, in the fourth round of the group stage.

Chelsea's goals, Callum Hudson Odoi, scored in the 22nd minute and Olivier Giroud scored in the minute (90 + 1), and Rin scored the only goal by Serho Gerasi in the 85th minute.

With that result, Chelsea strengthened its lead in Group E, after raising its tally to 10 points, while Rennes stuck at one point below the standings.

The first half,

Chelsea started the game strongly, after Werner in the fourth minute missed a verified opportunity to score, after Odoi sent a cross, and arrived at the German completely free of supervision in the penalty area, to hit a direct ball that went strangely above the bar.

And Chelsea succeeded in opening the scoring in the 22nd minute, after Mont sent a wonderful match from the midfield, and arrived at Odoi, who was alone with Gomez and hit an elaborate ball that landed in the net.

And Chelsea almost added the second goal in the 29th minute, after Ben Chilwell passed a distinctive ball to Monte, which is free of supervision, inside the penalty area, and the latter hit a ball that Gomez shone in removing it to a corner.

One minute later, Kovacic hit a powerful ball that went over the crossbar, then Renn appeared for the first time in the 32nd minute, after the ball cleared from Chelsea's defense in front of Celiki inside the penalty area, to hit a ball over the crossbar.

Rennes returned to the offensive appearance with a shot from outside the penalty area in the 36th minute via Camavinga, which went away from the goal, and then Gerasi fired a powerful ball from the edge of the penalty area in the 39th minute, which Mendy caught.

Rennes improved in those minutes, until captain Da Silva rose to a cross from a corner kick in the 41st minute, with a powerful header that Mendy blocked, to end the first half with Chelsea advancing with a goal without response.

The second half

and Chelsea tried to kill the match at the start of the second half, after Werner scored the second goal with a header, before it was canceled for offside.

Traore tried to surprise Mendy with a shot from the edge of the penalty area in the 54th minute, but it hit Silva and went out to a corner kick, and then Lampard made two substitutions in the 68th minute, with Kante and Giroud coming down at the expense of Monte and Abraham.

Rennes continued his attempts to adjust the score with a shot from Gerasi in the 74th minute, which Mindy sent away to a corner kick, and from that kick Nyamesi lifted a powerful header, which the Blues keeper shone again in the response.

Lampard pushed in the 76th minute with all Ziyach and Havertz at the expense of Odoi and Kovacic, then Rin succeeded in adjusting the score in the 85th minute, after Gerasi raised a cross from a corner kick, hitting a strong header that landed Mendy's net.

Chelsea almost snatched the deadly goal of the victory, after Ziyash sent an elaborate cross that was met by Ben Chilwell with a header in the 88th minute, which was blocked by Rennes' goalkeeper.

Chelsea was already able to score the goal of the deadly victory in the minute (90 + 1), after Ziyash sent Werner to stand alone and hit a ball that Gomez blocked, and Gero followed it with a header that hit the net, to end the meeting with the victory of the Blues (2-1), and guaranteed qualification for the final price.