It been almost three years now which Neymar left Barcelona for PSG for a record deal of €222m being the highest travel bid in 2017 and even in the world up till now.

Neymar became a favorite for the PSG side after he played massively during the champions league match which Barcelona did the most amazing comeback against the PSG side which Barca won 6-1 after they have been beaten 4-0 by the PSG side in the first leg of the match, then the return which Barcelona won 6-1 with the astonishing play of Neymar which made him the favorite for PSG as at that in 2017.

However, Neymar was in Barca and doing fine but nobody expected is next line of actions which was to move to PSG despite the fact he was the was one the most rated player after Messi and Ronaldo.. Neymar left Barca for PSG for a very big amount which till now is still the highest transfer record however the main reason behind why he left Barcelona as remain a misery, did Neymar leave Barca back then because of the money? Or the fact that he wanted to be the world best and he taught he couldn't with him playing along side with Messi because Messi would outshine him? Well no one but Neymar knew why he left Barcelona for PSG but if it was because of the world best, he has made a big mistake because he hasn't gotten one up till now. However Neymar still wishes to be back at back at Barca but PSG not really ready to allow that happen because they would like Barcelona to buy Neymar the exact amount they bought Neymar which was around €222m.. However Neymar he is a good player and his future is on the line if he doesn't decide soonest his next line of action towards his next step which is either to remain at PSG or return back to Barca