It’s another amazing weekend and which is going to be the second phase of matches across all leagues EPL, Laliga and so on. We all know last week we saw really beautiful and amazing matches from most of our various clubs across the world.

Today, I would like to give my predictions on two or more EPL matches this weekend which my predictions might be correct and also the other way round. However, it would just be amazing to share some predictions I predicted for tomorrow and the following day for most of the EPL matches.

My predictions would be strictly on teams I think they are winning their matches, no draws or lose, starting with Liverpool vs Burnley (3-1) Liverpool winning, Leeds United vs Everton (1-2) Everton winning, Manchester City vs Norwich (5-1) Manchester city winning, Southampton vs Manchester United (1-3) Manchester United winning, Wolverhampton wanderers vs Tottenham (1-2), all this are my predictions, I should have added Arsenal vs Chelsea but their match is usually very unpredictable and most times uncertain, they could even end up playing a draw or one team winning with a very slight margin. Also in my predictions I added goals to both sides because I believe most of those teams I predicted would score if not all, and to the other matches I didn’t predict, I felt they are very unpredictable teams and they could really play the unexpected so I just couldn’t predict them.

Moreso, if you are very conversant with premier league matches, you would notice some matches are not to be predicted because most of those teams could be really funny sometimes.