I got shocked today when I heard the news that one of the world most Amazing player football has ever seen which is no other person than Diego Maradona A.K.A Hand of God, just passed on due to an heart attack, it felt really painful because a beautiful football legend as just passed on and may his gentle soul rest in perfect peace.

Maradona who was a player that is history can never be forgotten in the eyes of football and even Argentina as a Country because of the amazing things he did while he was still playing and which would forever be of good memories about him. Maradona was one player to me I can say Messi took after in the style of playing, he hardly gets injured, very talented and skillful, a very hardworking player who carries the team in times of playing, a dangerous player when it comes to scoring goals, aside that Maradona being a left footer, he looks really short but his height wasn’t that a complication and he even delivered perfectly as a player. Even without knowing Maradona in person, his stories would make you love him.

Of all the stories have heard of Diego Maradona, the one that looks really funny to me and even unimaginable was when he got the name “Hand of God” When he scored an header through the aid of his hand at World Cup 1986 quarter finals against England, up till date I still wonder how he could do that without have been caught, also Maradona won the Golden Ball when he helped Argentina secure a win against Germany also in that same World Cup final at 1986 because of his outstanding performance in that match, I really respect such an hardworking and team leader player like this and that why he is one of my favorite football legends.

Nevertheless, everything must come to an end and Maradona has now become a victim of this prophecy and all I could just say is May is Soul Rest In Peace and also football would miss him.

Good bye to Maradona and thanks for making us enjoy football.

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