I don’t think having a team with Ronaldo and Messi would be a really big task for both players to feature together in a team especially how famous and how challenging they both are to one another but it is very possible for both of them to play together in a team.

Let just get into reality, I have a strong feeling that a team that would have Christiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi would be one of the best in the world, all things being equal, because individually a team with just one of them is good, now joining both players together, the team would be super awesome.

The believe that one one of this player is better than the other, as really made people think it wouldn’t be a great idea if both players are in the same team and also playing the same match against an opponent, well I think playing this two players in team can’t be a problem because they are of different foot and especially playing different roles, and having them playing together shouldn’t be a problem.

Take for instance, while Ronaldinho, Eto’o and others were at Barcelona, Messi still shined regardless of the position of Ronaldinho in the team, same goes to Ronaldo, Dybala still plays along side Ronaldo without any problems, and they shouldn’t be an a problem with Messi and Ronaldo playing together.

Playing these players, any formation can be used and both players would perform be it 4-3-3, 4-3-21, 4-4-2, and why? Ronaldo playing with Messi shouldn’t be a problem because Ronaldo is more of a striker or attacking forward besides he can play any role in the forward position, and on the other hand, Messi is more of an attacking midfielder, also an attacking forward, but most of his plays is usually him driving the ball to the attacking position from the midfield, so he can play any position from the midfield to the attack better still play a free role No. 10 and delivering passes for Ronaldo to score, it would really be good to have both players play in the same team especially with how amazing they play but the only thing that would be needed is selflessness, team spirit, and lack of individual intelligence among the two players, besides these I think both players can play very well together and they would perform beautifully.

However, I don’t think Ronaldo playing along side Messi can happen but when it does I hope it would be great.

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