I keep on trying to figure out which type of specie is Lionel Messi, is he an Alien? Because his Skills of playing is out this planet. Not being biased Messi might not be the best among all but I can say Messi is a really beautiful player which would be hard for the world of football to see a player like him.

With how blessed Messi is, people even regard him as the “GREATEST OF ALL TIME” G.O.A.T because of the way he plays on the pitch, Messi hardly gets injured, hardly trains so much, and still remains one of the best in the world and I really respect him for that, because they are hardly players like that in the world.

Right from a young age Messi as started playing for Barcelona, he has never been for season, so flopped that he wouldn’t score up to 20 goals in just all league matches, or even 30 goals in all competitions for that season. Messi to me has become a legend aside having the highest won Balen Di Or FIFA world best, for now, he is a player that doesn’t miss a season without a trophy to his name and it is a great achievement to him. People would even say Messi is the strength of Barcelona, because most times if he is not in the game Barcelona gets it difficult to win and sometimes he comes in as a super substitute to save Barca from defeats.

However, with all this praises and achievement Messi has, he still finds it difficult to perform so amazing as expected in his country, like winning World Cup and so on, at a time Messi got frustrated with the his current international team and even wanted to retire from international football but he had a change of mind.

Also Messi being a dominator in Barca, people would have appreciated him playing in other clubs and securing great achievement aside from that of Barcelona alone, but nevertheless, a champion is always a champion no matter where he is. And that why I believe Messi is a good player no matter where he is

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