Have you seen the way teams with young starts play now?, It is as if they is fire burning in them and wanting to unleash the football spirit in them, let’s just take the likes of Ajax for example, in the last two championships league seasons, Ajax have been able to shock the world with their team filled with young players who are really the future of football, the likes of Delight, De Jong, Van Der Beek, Hakim Ziyech, have been able to secure their positions in various big teams just through their performance in the last few years.

Obviously, we would see that the days of Ronaldo, Messi, Ibrahimovic and the rest are numbered even if they are still performing a little but that doesn’t guarantee their various teams they would last playing on the pitch in the next few years and that why every team is finding every possible young star as a replacement for those experience players.

If you have been very conversant and have been watching does young stars for the last two years you would see that does players are really amazing with great talent and very fierce on the pitch and what they just need is little of experience for them to be fully prepared for fifa World Best. Just take a look at Kylian Mbappe’s performance in the 2018 World Cup won by France, Mbappe was everyone favorite because is performance was unspeakable and very beautiful, not just him but other young stars too Mason Greenwood, Marcus Rashford, Sancho, Joao Felix, and many more young stars who are performing beautifully in their respective seasons clubs.

I really want to be positive with this because as I am seeing it this young stars would shock the world and their records would beat that of old players because those young players are so determined and very much creative that old players.

Let just wait till then but I still stand positive on the amazing talent young stars posses