People would say Brazil is an home of football because Brazilians who have played and their names are known, are not just any ordinary football players that can be neglected in the world of football.

Certain Brazilian’s players, names likes Pele, Ronaldo, Ronaldinho and so on can not be forgotten in football history because of their amazing plays in the world of football. Obviously calling any dribbler or funny player, his mentor has to be the great man himself, the one and only Ronaldinho, the Brazilian born footballer.

I would say Ronaldinho is a talented World Class Player, because talking of passes, dribbles, goal scoring and even making fun while playing football, he is a beast in it. Not that they are no players better than Ronaldinho, but Ronaldinho does everything he does on the pitch with jokes and smiles in his face, it even got to a stage where Ronaldinho would do some crazy things on the pitch that even the Referee would be frustrated and award him a red card and Ronaldinho would even laugh about it, that shows how really funny he behaves.

Ever since I started growing to stage of understanding football, I haven’t seen players or a player who is as blessed as Ronaldinho in the way he plays and behaves, although I stand to be corrected if am wrong about this, but believe me I don’t think football can still have a player such as Ronaldinho who you would watch his match, rather to focus on score sheet you would laugh about how funny he does and plays with the ball. This makes me so respect the Brazilian Star Player Ronaldinho.