Each day I see Chelsea’s new squad, I begin to imagine how the club would have been more great if Hazard was still in that team, because it would have been a really tough and destroying attack having Hazard, Timo Werner, Hakim Ziyech, Havertz , Pulisic, and Mount playing the attacking role for that team.

Gone are those days, Chelsea were playing a match focusing more on Hazard to deliver in the club, now there are very skillful, and talented players playing for that club who are readily available to perform while there are on the pitch, it just feels really great now to watch Chelsea’s match and see the demonstration from does young stars on the pitch.

Initially, when Hazard left Chelsea, many panic were made and worries came to the minds of we the fans and sport lovers trying to understand how Chelsea would cope without Hazard, but funny enough Frank Lampard was able to atleast shock the World in some ways by bringing in young talented players to the club who are readily always ready to deliver while they are on the pitch. Even now watching Chelsea’s match is now amazing because it feels awesome to see the performance of this amazing players.

Well, even as big as Real Madrid move could be in Hazard’s Career, I still don’t appreciate his move there, because ever since he has been there, it has been one injury to another or even one issue to another which is really affecting is Career and also affecting is football life. Just like any player would act, every player would eventually like to play in a big team to shine more but I think Hazard’s case hasn’t been that beautiful to tell at Real Madrid and it gives me serious worries because I know he is a really good player and besides his performance at 2018 World Cup and also that of Chelsea as really made him prove himself as a wonderful player, which just makes me think sometimes that Chelsea would have been more great if he was still in Chelsea till now.

Nevertheless, Hazard might have really gone down a little in some areas or not playing as we expected, but I think he would still get back to his good form back even as he remains at Madrid if he decides, which I believe with little time I can speak amazing of Hazard’s performance again.

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